Market Squad Recruitment Drive
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Toribash Basic Training!

Welcome to the Toribash basic training, here you will be made ready to do your service on the fields!

Hey maggot!
This is your first day here. now let's see how fast you can solve this parkour over there!
*Points over shoulder*

Mod Thread

No replay Hacking.

Dont change Game Rules.

You are required to go through every obstacle.
(not necessarily as they are intended)

Time ends on touching the bell.
Fastest time wins.

Only fastest entry counts.

1st Place:
*A unique dog tag item, which will have your very own sentence/word added to it.

2nd Place:
A so called Pickelhaube.

2 Week initial.
Once they are over the time extends by 3 days everytime the record is broken!

* No Slurs, Insults etc. descision will be reserved to staff, if you fail to give a proper sentence/word the inscription will be decided on.

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