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Since the only thing you can spend on tc is on cosmetics for your tori, there should be item power-ups in the game, example:
-Increases the gravity of your tori by 1
Brass knuckles
-Increases point damage by 1
etc. etc.
but, I see a lot of people complaining about unfair disadvantages for people who don't have the amount of cash for the items, so they should have a server option to enable powerups or not.
Toribash is free to play and free to win. Pay 2 win will just destroy the fun of Toribash, well, it would just destroy Toribash.
This is the only game where you use pure skill, nothing else. Every player is equally strong, but not equally skilled.
Toribash is meant to be played with skill not money.
Not supported.
Toribash is about skill and to purchase upgrades would just ruin it

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If you want to add power-ups to the game you have to make sure that they're balanced. For example, if you have an item that increases the damage you do, that same item should make your own tori easier to break. Something along those lines.

If your suggestion were to be implemented as is, the rich members of the community would have the upper hand as opposed to the more skilled.

This would be my best answer. TC is truly ment to be fun currency and able to actualy make money off the game. Now the reason being unfair would suck is because have you ever been in a differnt game and there was an admin in a server? You know how much people dislike powers like that? Toribash is anti arrogant. ^ I don't mind power ups but you still need the skill. But seriously, it would be cool to have more variety than the huge amount toribash already has.
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Having this would ruin the whole point about the game. Rich people would have too much power making them nearly impossible to beat. Example. As JsnuffMars has 1 million tc+, It'd be really difficult to beat him. Unless you were able to make it even. As the guy said from the first page,(forgot his name). He said it should be even/balanced, As if your tori would also break easier if you purchased these items.

-Not supported.
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We could maybe add upgrades but I dont support it
mini bash already has that
Maybe on different servers have different upgrade Limits
just my opinion
If there was a separate game mode all together where you could only use Power ups, then maybe this could work or if you could toggle the ability of people using them on your server.
maybe add it as a prize for a special tourney? maybe make it so you can choose the tc prize or the upgrade prize