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Cutting out swear words in tourneys
Kids now play this game, I was a block for words, like say if said a cus word it looked like this ###### Or kick you from the pubic server, also age limit. I know it sounds stupid, but its a idea?
Language is so flexible that it is really easy to find a way around censorship like that, so it is pointless.
Considering the target group of nabi is young people it would be silly to introduce a minimum age.
Also moving to suggestions.
How are you?
That might be true, but you can still censor the original words and the most "Common" ways to avoid those, perhaps giving temporary mutes on the game disallowing you to type for a certain period of time. In other words : /mute player. Though public rooms, we can't mute someone unless a game moderator of some of that sort is there

It's better that way in my opinion.

So cheerios
Swear word censor is pointless . Since the amazing flexibility of language.
Example :
If the word " dick " censored , people will say " dicks" ,
No just No it'd be better if there was an option... Just try Roblox's censoring and see how that turns out to be...Just no
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Swear word censor is pointless . Since the amazing flexibility of language.
Example :
If the word " dick " censored , people will say " dicks" ,

You misunderstand the concept of censoring apparently.
The purpose of it is to censor the words, no?
If "Dick" was censored, it would come out as #### or **** or @#$%^ or something like that, no?
So as you say, if one were to say "Dicks" it would come out as ****s. But that can mean a lot of things.

But things like censoring has its problems.

Suppose there was a word called Sadickostrophic.
It would come out as Sa****ostrophic, so yeah.
THat's the only disadvantages of it as I see.

So cheerios.


People curse, they're more of a complex person in language. They can use them without caring. It's called the internet. They could be using another word, like ClipSall said. They would never get it.

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Why not add NetNanny to the toribash system

Fuck, phuck, fk, fawk
nigar, nigur, nigga, niqqa
and so on

Cheerios, it'd practically impossible to block all of them BUT the blocking kind of helps,seeing that this game is designed for kids, no parents wants their kids to learn them.
I personally learned the definition of "Whore' on this game when I was 12, lmao, been 5 years since then :c
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On the other hand other people can argue that the swearing on the game can prove to be a motivator to not use cuss words. Leave it as you see fit. The language isnt going to get better and it really isnt going to get worse, thats what the staff is here for.

Also, I'd like to bring this up. We have had a very trustworthy staff member thats been here for years, and his name is SkulFuk (SkullFuck). Plus, if you want to go the other way, theres a staff member named Vodka. Are people going to revolt because he is promoting the use of alcohol and possibly drugs? No. There isnt really a point.
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