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There should be a command or something that is /maxnudge *someone or whole lobby* 3 so they can only get nudged 3 times because they are sour losers and have to nudge theirselves whenever they lose and other people aren't able to play because they keep nudging and they don't want to buy a nudge when they won't be able to play with their earned tc.
most of bets servers are private so operators can do whatever they want. If you want to play make your own server.
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if its there room they can do what ever you want
make your own room and nudge your self kick ban and fuke who ever you want
INB4 14 days ban
I'd say no.What about those kind of soccer matches where people want to be keeper/striker only?
Are you living the life you really want?
I don't like this idea, its only fair in betting and things like that because thats the main way the "house" earns money.

my words of wisdom:
if you want something pay for it or make your own server