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Typing thing i dont know
Well i thought like if your wating for a message or something you can check whos onna write next so for example instead of bieng like this

like poop

F4R3: Hi lol

We could have this when someoine is typing

(.../ Pencil sign)like poop

likepoop: Hi

You see so thave a pencil or three dots like when someone is writing
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That took me way too long to figure out what you were talking about.

And we don't really need to see when someones typing considering the messages are fairly short and don't take a long time to write.
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If I got that right, just imagine that in a tournament/betting room with more than 20 users. The whole visible chat area will consist of only these "typing signs".
While this isn't a necessary feature at all, I could see it being used for whispers/private chats. But yeah, don't think it should be used in public chats to avoid the scenario sir pointed out.
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