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Tori special summoning power
Ok ok now this is just been bugging me for a while...Why don't you add a power meter right next to the player's name....Each time you hit the meter fills with "Rage" once the meter is full It say like "press y, a, b , ect to summon any a monster (Random). Once summond the monster will have it's own mind and help fight your opponent (the monster does have health in case you were wondering). I mean lets step the game up here guys, If I were you...I would agree
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Hi guys, before you post a thread, please make sure you follow these rules.

4) If you think your suggestion/idea will ruin the game, rather not post it because it would probably not be implemented.

Please do not post ideas like this, this idea would completely ruin the point of the game. You're not a necromancer, ready to summon monsters so you can have an advantage. You're not supposed to get advantages in the game, it's based on skills and tactics.
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This is not a mortal combat or WaW
This would lead to "rage" farming and it is a pretty bad idea overall
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