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Racist slurs, slurs in general
So people tend to use racist slurs, which are unacceptable by any community, and using slurs in general to offend people by their skin color, nationality, etc.

So, why not have auto-correct?

Basically, the idea is, when using words like "nigger" in the in-game chat, the word would automatically show up as "haystack", for example.

Each slur would have its replacement, and it wouldn't be something you would normally use in a speech.
One obvious downside would be that the auto correct couldn't translate words like "n33ger, ni.gger" unless coded.
Or have it mute the person for 5 minutes upon using a slur?

Thoughts ?
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The idea sorta makes sense but it really wouldn't fix all that much. People would just find away around it.
one reason against this is the fact that we don't enforce these rules in private servers. we don't really care what you and your buddies say in your private server (or your private clan board, for that matter), so long as you're not harassing anyone. this would limit speech everywhere and we don't really want that. we just want to keep it clean in official servers and public boards.
ill just quote myself from the IRC thread :/

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If your asking for a shortcut to using these words, your practically asking me to watch you more closely. What you just asked for is like me asking: "can everyone who decides to shoot up my school put a silencer on their guns so I don't have to hear the shots?". Using the gun in this manner is still illegal, putting a silencer on it does nothing to the fact that you have a gun and you are shooting people with it even if my ears are censored to the violence.

The real question is WHY SHOULD we censor your failure to be a respectable member of the community. I dont see a reason for it. Maybe you guys could just.. oh I dont know, NOT do it in public places. *gasps*. I dont think that the staff should even have to consider censoring language in game. No other computer game that I know of does this (Note how i said 'that I know of' which means dont start a counter argument saying: "well clash of clans has xxxx"). Why? Because they don't have to. Most people of that community just know that they face a ban or something else if they try to bypass the system. It blows my mind that people actually need to have a deal made about how to go about hateful slurs. Really the rules in place shouldn't bother anyone unless you think you will be among those who constantly use the word in public places, in which case you deserve your ban.
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-I don't think it's considered to be speech limiting if you censor ~10 words.
-It would make staff's job easier.
-You are right, people know that if they use them, they will get banned. TB system however, makes it too easy to create an alt and proceed to use the slurs. Literally takes 5 seconds, unlike the other games.
-People should not use them in public places, this doesn't mean they can't and won't, for the reasons stated above.

This system too can be bypassed, but it can also issue people a warning upon using a slur.
"Don't use slurs!" or something.
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You're not going to stop people from saying what they want, that's right. If people wish to be antagonistic or inappropriate in a public environment then that is what staff are there for, yes?

I think "issu[ing] people a warning upon using a slur" or phrase which isn't deemed appropriate in the context is a nice idea. Perhaps if a text entry holding said word or phrase is said three times within a set duration, an automatic call goes out to cellular devices within 100 yards of the Toribash IRC and a message is broadcast to all within the vicinity of the crime: "You have just witnessed an inappropriate word and or phrase in use by one of the Toribash Clientele. This is in violation of section three dash alpha. Report to #GM at your earliest convenience."

That being said, there's a lot of coding that goes into such a big job. Good idea - needs more thought for viability.