If my replays are racist, then your replays are sexist. Can you confirm?
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If you wanna be extra dicky at parties read Kafkas works and then talk about how kafkaesque everything is.

I think anyone who misuses kafkaesque is generally someone who has not read Kafka. I can't really think of many times in my life where it would be appropriate to use the word

Here's one though:
2 months ago my wallet got stolen, so I had to get a new driver's license. My old one was from New York, where I no longer live (permanently, I mean). So, since I live in Chicago, I tried to get an Illinois license, but I "only" had a social security card, birth certificate, tax return, and college tuition bill. I needed 2 pieces of proof to show that I live in Illinois, and only the college tuition bill counted.

So I tried to get a bank account opened in Chicago, which would be sufficient proof that I live there. To open a bank account I need a photo ID - a driver's license.

The bouncing between organizations that don't seem to communicate with each other, making a seemingly simple problem unnecessarily complex and difficult is p kafkaesque imo

Kafka is pretty dope though, I've read The Metamorphosis and The Trial and they were both great. The movie based on The Trial is awesome too, it was directed by the Citizen Kane guy

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If my replays are racist, then your replays are sexist. Can you confirm?

Sorry my replays are not discriminatory except against wushu players

seems like a 'you' thing
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What are your feelings towards Hbox winning EVO this year?
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What are my replays then, since you decided to skip mine on the stream? Thats some class a racism

sorry i'm mean

i don't know what race you are so idk if i can be racist there though

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What are your feelings towards Hbox winning EVO this year?

he deserves it, he's a good ass player. puff isn't as boring as people like to pretend, its not like she's samus or something

ANYWAY I just wanted to post here so I can brag about my first place amateur bracket win in Melee. I won $14 so I'm basically a professional now


tfw ur the supreme champion
[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
Check my ~~~Dank Replays~~~
the absolute myth the legend

hope life is treating you well dude!
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