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[Shop] Arkenvoss' Epic Flame Art
Welcome to my flame shop, here you can ask for every flame you want and I'll try to make it.

Some examples:


I can change colors off all these flames if you want!

Request form:

Style of flame:
How much you can pay:

Items are accepted, they're worth for me 1/2 of the market price!

Buy! Buy! Buy!
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Would you except item trades for a previously made flame
[ Fr3styL, Pandora, Secret, DP, Creamy Horse Mouths, TINT<3]
90-110k for both or each one?

Items are accepted, but I prefer TC.

Items are worth for me 1/2 price in market.
Not exactly what I like.
Just normal not too high covering whole hand not large just medium and around 50-55k
UTM 4ever |4bb не для слабаков
Flame covering whole hand for 50-55k. Impossible but I'll try.

Edit: I hope u like it, price for both: 115k.

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