Market Squad Recruitment Drive
... dont say you pmed for an item, if its a pm i received it.

Also if you want to sell items pm Nbl , dont post in the shop ( its for flames ) cause i also dont buy
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It's Mr.AkumaBeast for you! oh and...
Check my inventory if you wish to buy flames.
Picture of flame:
Forge price: around 80k
Joint: LH
Name: Supernova LH chaos
ForgerName: FNugget
Selling price: 60k
and FNugget sells his chaos for 100k
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
Fnuggets sells hes chaos for 100k cause they are cotumly forged -_- i sold u thet flame for 60k so ima buy it for 45k if deal send it over if not then wait ot akuma`s respond
color : alpha imperial
size : small
body part : head
type : eeerh... idk
tc ammount : 80k
name of the flame ( what u want the flame to be called) : AImperial flame
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nbl are you also selling the items? i need to get that velv asap
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him3: the items showen in the first post are akuma`s he said to pm him if u wanna buy XD

DeeMoon: ok then send me tcs ill make it now