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There isn't yet, but it is something we'd like to see.

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Maybe an in-game suspension if the player disconnects mid-game too many times.
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My sugestion is to give them 5 minutes ban for one rage quit from tourney for example but it should be ragequit not ping or something like that, also an autoadmin will make toribash better.
5 minutes of ban doesn't seem good enough for rage-quitting from anything. If someone rage quits from anything, normal match or tourney, not by ping timing out, then they should be banned from multiplayer for 5-12 hours, which seems like an appropriate amount of time to deter people from rage-quitting. Also, if someone consistently pings out of matches, like three times for normal matches, or two times for tourneys, they will be banned from multiplayer for 24 hours/Normal, and 48 hours/Tourney. If the problem really is internet connection, they should get that fixed before even playing Toribash. Having poor internet connection is no excuse for hindering the enjoyment of other players.
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Well, I feel that ELO ranking is more important in this case. There are many, many farmers who just quit when they are losing, and they are actually top players at some mods (or even they are in the top 10 global players). It's dishonest, and I think that they should lose ELO for it- anyway, I don't feel that their opponent should get any ELO due to it (it would allow farming too).

How about first leave each day= -0,75 ELO at mod rank and -0,5 at global rank + You are unable to join any game for 5minutes; every next leave: -1 ELO at mod and -0,75 at global + You are unable to play for +25minutes (second leave: 30minutes, next one- 55min etc). I don't know if it's possible to add it, but I think it could be good...
Oh, and TC tournaments should have their own rules, like leave from a tournament= You are unable to play toribash for 2hours + unable to join any tournament for 48hours or so.
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That seems way too complicated... ELO penalty is a good idea though. I think the winning player should still be rewarded, except that there should be an amount of time elapsed in the match before he/she will get anything. So if someone quits after a set time period, the winning person gets rewarded, and the quitter is still punished. I stated all this above, except I didn't mention ELO ranking.
Well, I disagree. If there will be any "consolation prize" when You didn't get qi/elo because someone left, I am sure that some ppl will try to farm it anyway. About complication- I don't think it should be simple, especially as Toribash is pretty unstable game (it crashes pretty often without any reason) + everyone has some connection problems sometimes, and one leave shouldn't really affect Your ability to join games (5min is like nothing). Anyway, every next leave should be punished way harder (You have shitty connection/pc? Your problem; You are just a leaver? Soz, You can't play for 30minutes)..
I agree now, I guess the winning player shouldn't get anything to remove any chances of farming. I do believe it would be better if the penalties stack based on the amount of offenses, however, I'm not sure if the Toribash team is capable of doing it, or would even consider it if it would be that complicated.

Toribash is able to tell whether a player chose to disconnect, or whether they pinged out, and either says "% disconnected" or "% pinged time out" in the status log. I said that a disconnection on purpose, not by ping, results in 5 hours ban from multiplayer if the person was losing. I said that three disconnections on purpose in a normal match results in 24 hours, and two disconnections on purpose in a tourney results in 48 hours ban from multiplayer. This would affect players who would unplug their internet to get around the manual disconnection penalty, as well as players who have terrible connection. If someone has poor internet connection and times out twice while losing in a tourney, they should focus on fixing their internet connection instead of wasting other players' time.
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Why do people keep bringing rank/elo into this? It's a plain & simple case of butthurt.

"If I can't win, then you can't"

Best solution: Auto ban them from the tourney servers for a few hours. They'll soon get the hint.

<Erf> SkulFuk: gf just made a toilet sniffing joke at me
<Erf> i think
<Erf> i think i hate you