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4.2 beta 3
Win -

New in beta 3:
Texture loading:
- fixed textures not loading properly with /lp
- fixed slow texture loading between matches
- fixed inverted abs drawing
- fixed loading modmaker gamerule
- changed moving object by mouse to require select first instead of instant move
- fixed reset, copy, paste param
- added modmaker window translucency in misc
- fixed trigger checkbox state
- changed env and body tab behavior
- added prevention from exporting 0 match frames and reaction time
- fixed reflection drawn without textures
- fixed mod maker copy, paste, reset param
- fixed reflected object drawing above surface
- fixed mod maker label typo, prevent double click on mod editor to spawn object
- added better resolution detection on no config file

New in 4.2
New ingame music:
/music status - info about current playlist/track
/music queue - list tracks in queue
/music list username - list custom/username tracks
/music normal|repeat|random - control what track is played next
/music play custom/tori/track1.ogg - play a specific track
/music play tori - play all tracks from custom/tori
/music volume [0-128] - set music volume
/music start|stop|pause|resume|next|prev

Mod maker fixes:
-added copy ability
-camera mode to mod maker
-fixed 0 frame game rule on export
-added player exported mod directory

Bug fixes:
- optimized compatibility for graphics modes
- fixed alpha env obj drawing with ghost basic render
- faster loading of customs (big textures)

- music is for your ears only
- even if you upload .wav it is converted to .ogg (I have no plans of supporting .mp3 due to licensing issues)

if the graphics lag please post your specs (Windows version and graphics card)
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cool cool,

mod maker is working much better now. It's a bit crazy to navigate, but I guess there's a lot of information to deal with.

I would like to ask about the object grouping thing again though as this would be a very very useful feature.

For example, you want to make a track of some sort, you build one section of track and then make it a group, then simply copy and paste that group to add more sections of track. Scenery like trees and buildings could be made once and then cloned rather than having to make a new one every time.

One thing to take into consideration is how the group of objects are moved and rotated afterwards. The rotation would be a bit more complicated to work out as it'd have to rotate around the center of the group, rather than the center of each object.

But if you could add this feature, things would be much quicker.

I want to make a bobsleigh mod
<the god> the god
<@Smilies2> modding tiem

Well I do not like that my tori in game is fatter. Also since I downloaded this, I am unable to kick to tear off limbs. Were the physics changed
A hasbeen like the rest
Err...are you forgetting about Macs? 4.2 beta 2, 4.1, and this beta aren't out for Mac.
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Originally Posted by Lopsin View Post
Err...are you forgetting about Macs? 4.2 beta 2, 4.1, and this beta aren't out for Mac.

Hampa never releases betas for mac, except 4.0
. viiiiiiiid
Well I think there's a problem with the platinum hair color, it doesn't look like platinum, the hair color is a bit brown idk, platinum color is greyish


Also, I asked suo about that, and he told me to post here
Using some functions on modmaker deletes all objects/resets mod. Happened with dismemberment thresholds and uke/tori body positions. Doesn't seem to happen all the time.
<the god> the god
<@Smilies2> modding tiem

After every game it returns this in red text:
"parse_mod_cmd no op found dismember 1"

I think some code might be wrong in the OSX v.
Now doing recoloring for people not in the clan as-well, PM for more info!
Hampa, could you update the readme and FAQ files in the next release?
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