The picture you posted is not that same as the actual flame I want a refund....
You have a big thing around the body.
I got a white hand flame...
sent tc for this flame
<~[i]Assazin> I'm 12 years old
<~[i]Assazin> My butt is underdeveloped
<~[i]Assazin> ok ok
<~[i]Assazin> I'm actually 9
<Click>Patrickooo Acting His Age<Click>
Sent: Flame: my zawesome flame to Avengd7x.

ninja684, damn it.. it's flame id lag -_- id of the white hand flame is 2757 but real id is 2758 and id of the black flame (which you want) is 2758 but the real one is 2759. Ok, so send back my white flame and I will send your tc's, I have to talk with gm's, I think.