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Toribash 4.3 beta 5
Toribash 4.3 beta 5

new in beta5:
- fixed game over message not appearing on replays
- fixed possible crash due to zero hand size in replay cache
- fixed drawing blood in render basic
- changed Slower Frame Rate to Lower Frame Rate Cap
- added /damagemeter
- fixed drawing non-shader blood in shader mode
- added volume bars in setup menu
- fixed kiai sound to play for both players
- fixed pausing, playing replay glitch

- Updated multiplayer window (sorting, filters, buddy list)
- Bout list flags
- Bout list stats (right click on player)
- Opener stats (will show next to timers, click to show again)
- Tab completion on all server commands
- Tab completion on all client commands
- Tab completion for mods /lm
- Tab completion for gamerules /set
- Create room options

Server Updates:
- Pause/Unpause
- /nameopener - name your openers
- /decapprize - add a decapprize

Bugg fixes:
- Fixed Multiplayer Window crash on intel cards
- Display avatar in non-shader mode
- /duel mode turn on off correctly
This thing is still bugged... Please fix.
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Patrickooo, if you had not relax foot, it might not have ghosted through the body.
When in 1 limb, it might do that.
That's not a bug, it's simply your leg's speed. If it wasn't for that ghosting, boomhits would be 4x harder to achieve.
oh yeah
Originally Posted by Orfeas View Post

Noticed that on the top of the window, a weird code thing appears and then fades off.
What is that?

frames show me only 30fps
I can't find the option to change them in the menu to 60fps..

I think it is the opener status
Two probs.
I don't like my country exposed.
I don't like the pause game, causes a couple of trouble cases.