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Toribash 4.4 beta 1
Time for new release.

New Features:
- Replay speed (control with ,.)

New options:
- added flag option

Bug fixes:
- fixed admin rights with settings rpl associations
- fixed pressing space on match ends randomly starts new game instead of starting after a replay once
are u planning on fixing the replay bug?where a match automatically starts instead of showing the replay on multiplayer. would be lovely..also good update.
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YES replay speed, thank you man im waiting years for it ^^
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I'll download it, so I hope my computer does not go to shit. :lol:
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Yay, I'm downloading myself, and replay speed Finally something more with replay speed/replay jumping is out
Happy Halloween!!!!!
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the speed control is absolutely amazing, i cant wait to try it when its on mac!

the flag option is cool too
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Can't quite figure out how to use the replay speed, but I think I managed to get it once and a little X70(<random numbers) came up in the corner but it glitched out my hair and I had to quit to fix it.
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It seems that you can only change the speed of a replay after you have finished seeing it one time until the end. Can that be fixed, hampa?

Overall great update.
Adding features that are not only visual, but practical and that affect the gameplay, like being able to change the speed of a replay, is something that actually pushes the game forward.
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Hapma, maybe its just me but i have problem after this update. While i chat or trying to type anything with numbers they just dont apear (i mean on the numberkey board or however you call that.) it will be nice if you fix that
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