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4.8 beta2 - Windows and OSX - Windows - OSX

Please help us test it:

- ingame torishop is working again
- show TC on startup
- better replay speed controls ,.

- /realtimeghost on|off|ops - show ghost updates
- prevent fake double line chat messages
- maxclients is 2 (not 4 as before)

- replay speed doesn't jerk when going backwards
- replay speed can always be set
- replay speed doesn't block dl text
- prevent .obj files from being black color
- fixed camera control keyboard bug when flame forge menu
- prevent objects from being stuck on players in MP
- fixed setting host color by command in lua
- fixed crash at buddylist on join when room is empty
- fixed crash at lua set_grip_info due to invalid player index
- fixed crash at playercache when match frame is bigger than cache size
- prevent crash due to no kiai sound
- fixed obj model not loading with texture coord or normal if less than vertices
- Fixed zero mass crash in mods

- added Yoyo's belt.lua script
- new country flags
- God Team mods
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Just wait till 5.0 beta comes..

looking for me?
so i heard the forward speed / rewind speed option is removed in toribash 4.82. is this true? its a very handy option.. so .. if you ever reed this hampa , PLEASE please place it back

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