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[SHOP]steveirwin's super awesome flame store.

You've been asking about them for the past three months. Now, they are finally released! This is a flame request store. If you want to purchase flames, do this.

Tell me what you want. Color, size, location, effects, and whatnot. Also, post how much tc you are willing to spend on that flame. I will create that flame and post the price. I will show you some pics of the flame you requested, to see if you like it. If you cannot meet the price of the flame I will let you know.

I also take $USD as payment, as well as tc. Just say that you are going to spend $USD instead of tc, and I will work it out.

This flame shop is linked to my tc shop. Buy from one, get a discount from the other etc.

Shops closed for a week guys.
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Steve, make a procedure dude. Like instructions in how to order and crap.

Also, first customer, Free Flame.

Say Yes...

EDIT: I am giving my request in IRC.
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I want a Black (Void) and Dark Red (Shaman) head flame.

10k? D:

So we can only order one flame at a time (meaning per week?) Or can I place five separate orders for my hands and legs? :|

Oh, and I almost forgot; you are teh smex for selling flames. <3
This gets automatic TTM approval, yes it does.
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If you add some indication on the price you would be looking for I will request something.
Shuttap and take advantage of the unstated price range while you can.

Dang, steve is AFK on IRC right now..
Joonveen, you are a sneaky person, but I like it

Left hand flame, vampire pure. 20K
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Shuttap and take advantage of the unstated price range while you can.

Dang, steve is AFK on IRC right now..

dude, he is taking a shower.

Also, Steve, Please explain to everyone a more simple way to ordering a flame.
I never see a pure flame so...
I want a right hand pure flame
700k tc i can add more to be first,just ask
I'll surely pm you for detail
Flames should be non-tradeable so that flame prices will still be high. Except the ones made by hampa,veb,gman80 and steveirwin.
Okay to order a flame.
Lets say I want 5 black and red flames.
I would offer 300k per flame.
Then 5 300k flames would go up on the list.
If I was to be outbid, and those flames knocked off the list by higher bids, I would need to offer more tc to keep my flames on the list. If by then end of the week, my flames aren't in the top 10 bids, then I need to repost my offer for next weeks bid.
Those are the rules.