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If someone can do this i will be happy

U dont want to walk in city with your toribasher?

No kill no stress!

i want to make like a mod and: can go in city, can type with friends!
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If you want to chat and not play, you can just spectate. I think I'm misunderstanding your idea
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So you're suggesting a toribash lobby?Would be supported,but i would prefer it rather controls be arrow keys/wasd for movement throw the city in 2d.
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That would be a crazy amount of derail from actual Toribash.
If it were an IRC chatroom at the corner of the main menu, or something similar, that might not be too bad of an idea.
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This should be in the forums to make it less troublesome,or some other website.
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I think he means like an mmo. You can walk around the "city" and talk to people.
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I think I'm misunderstanding your idea

He wants it to be a sandbox styled game , similar to GTA or saints row , where you can walk around doing anything in a given environment with friends.

This idea is terrible , if you want sandbox , go play one of jisse's sparring mods i guess , otherwise go somewhere else . GTA may be what you're looking for.
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this seems easy to do but lots of lua to make it happen just take a parkour map and make a script to skipp all frames and make it like the max amount of frames and make walking moves in an animation sequence and bind it for w and s and jumping and stuff i see where your coming from but the game engine would break from all the hooks and ppl running them at the same time maybe if this game had a heavier engine then this would be possible and i like your idea if we could make a map big enough i would be crazy enough to try this.