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Increasing clan cost
well these days toribash is getting bigger
alot of people are joining
and 10k is now easy to get
there is like over 100 clans alive and its getting more everyday
any newbie or new to toribash could just get 10k with a paypal
and alot of clans are dying
i think we should increase the cost to like 20k or something
or make requirements for making a clan
like belts or something
the main idea is to make making clans harder
erth made some good points about this so all these points are shit
clans are getting too much these days and most of them are dying
The main idea is
a monthly or weekly fee.
erth made some good points
and the only thing i am saying a monthly fee
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A fee would not be a reasonable idea. Some clans have people who just go ingame every now and again to have a little bit of fun. They spend most of their time on the forums or on irc. Some clans have members who only get on occasionally, maybe everyday for only an hour or so just to talk to its members.

Making clans pay a fee so they can stay together would be illogical. And I am speaking from personal experience, coming from my own clan. Most of the members don't spend their time ingame and earning tc. But we are still a family.
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I somewhat know what to do with my clan as a green belt. Wait now blue.
oh yeah

if u read I have striked thatt
the only point I am saying here is a monthly fee
just a monthly fee
and dont say not supported when u didnt discuss anything about the problem
I hate his not support ed
Just forget it
I only want a solution to get clans a little less
cause alot are dying quick and alot of nooby 1 page clans
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