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Show all price instead of set price
a simple addition to the shop
all the prices of sets in the market are showen as 20tc(the one which displays the market price) example (+5400%)
why not make the shop price of the set
the price of all the items in there
in english
show the calculation of all the items in a set(the torishop price showen below the main price
rather than 20tc
INB4 14 days ban
Yeah, I've thought of that idea before, but, didn't care that much to make a thread about it. It would really help when buying stuff to know kind of what you're gonna get in a set, this would also help fight against selling false sets :3.
There doesn't seem to many big flaws in this, so why not?
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skylar you can check whats in the set. anyway I agree it should calculate whats inside
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