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Multiple Tori's Idea + teams?
Alright, so a lot of people asked hampa to make it a 4 player game.
Well, this post may be to your liking.

So my idea was that server could CHOOSE how many dolls/toris/players play at once.

For instance, in the game rules there is 3 boxes. If you check 2 players, it plays as toribash we know and love.
If you check 3 payers, it will take the game up a notch, with a little bit more action.
f you check 4 players, then all hell will break lose, and 4 people will screw each other up.

Now, the one thing I also thought up was teams.
So how this would work is that the operator of the server would choose who is a team.

example: (Pretend they checked 4 players)
They want whoever is using tori to be teamed with uke.
So, those 2 do not inflict damage on each other, and they start, both facing there 2 opponents.
The other 2 (I am going to call them Chuck and Norris for example purposes only) will be a team, and they will start, side-by-side, facing there opponents. Same for them, they do not inflict damage on each other.

Chuck and Norris will be able to shred there opponents, Uke and Tori because together they are Chuck Norris, and so at the end of the match, instead of it saying:

(players name) wins!

It would say:

(players name)
(other players name)

Now, this idea is bad for mods like aikido.tbm, but they can use the options idea to disable 4 players.

hampa's response to a different thread in a different place was:
"It would make the game a little random."
That depends on what mod.
And also, think about Parkours/Spars! They would be so much more intense. They could bring to toribash that "3 bullies, 1 victim" thing, and have the victim kick his ass.

And parkours would be amazing! A bunch of great parkoures (just examples, there are a lot of great parkourers out there) like Jisse, Mocucha, Trichard13, and beatbox3 (Yes, you are pretty good dude)
could all make ONE amazing replay of ALL of them parkouring!

*EDIT* I wanted to say that this would only be compatible with certain mods that the dev team could make, or if they wanted to make the mod maker better, and that as an option.
They could make some simple modsthat would be able to support 3 - 4 people playing.

The arrangements of the tori's would be like this:

With teams, right next to each other (2 people next to each other, then in front of then would be 2 people looking at them, side by side.)
3 people playing would be a triangle (All angled to look at each other.

Should have said this before posting this. Sorry.

I think that with this idea, we could bring the intensity of Violence Perfected, to another level.

And if you didn't read the whole pose and skipped to this....

Can't wait to see the discussions in the replys!

See you later!
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While I really like this idea, a lot of people have said that this can lag the game a lot for weaker computers.
a spoon.
Well it was said a really lot of times already that the current engine Toribash runs on wasn't designed for more than 2 players playing at once. Yes that can be done on it but it is messy as hell and you don't want it working that way.

Hampa said that he'll probably code a new engine some time in the future that'll support team vs team fights but for now there's nothing much more to add to that.
You know what, I sometimes feel like to dev team just really doesn't want to do it.
Think about it, people have already done that with REPLAYS, it couldn't really be that hard. They would have to implement a lot of things, and like I said in the thread, there would be an option to disabled 4 or 3 players (by checking the 2 box).

Well, whatever. Thought that since nobody thought of it being a game-rule, people might actually like the Idea.

I don't really get what you mean by messy. Do you mean the coding would be messy? Or just look messy? The main reason i wanted this was for parkour/spar replays.

But ok.
Originally Posted by Bulletron View Post
a lot of people have said that this can lag the game a lot for weaker computers.

Not really, look at the 4 player hacked replays, they aren't that laggy.
And plus, there is an option called "Low" in the quality settings if it really is that big of a problem. People really cannot know if it would lag or not.

I don't really see your p0int. But, your opinion is your opinion.
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Well... This idea has been suggested and so on, but the problem isn't having 3-4 players play at once its a lot more than that. The problem is how they will be lined up. Like lets say you wanted to play a game 4 players in aikido. One player would be already disqualified.

When you say
one thing I also thought up was teams

you may want to think of how you want them lined up. I always thought that it would be possible if you had Team 1 and Team 2. Both teams would have 2 players on each team. Now lets say you both want to play at the same time with those teams. I think of it as 2 different dojos and you play regularly.

3 or 4 players may have some thinking and that's the only problem with this suggestion.
It builds up time for this to happen. I like the idea, but think about it.
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Sorry, forgot to put some things about compatibility.
Not all mods would get this setting, just some mods the dev team would make.
Edited the post.
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