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More belts
I know this is insane (considering the fact that only 4 achieved god belt and NONE achieved elite belt) but wouldn't it be fun (in that case toribash will be endless, and no one wants an end in a game)

Here are my suggestions for belt names and No. of Qi's to achieve it:

Very Elite Belt - 200,000 qi
Insane belt - 400,000 qi
Godly Beast Belt- 800,000 qi
Galactic belt - 1,300,000 qi
Universal belt - 2,000,000 qi

Im not joking about this post and sorry for the belt names if it seems corny.
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How about we add more belts if anyone actually manages to get to elite belt?

IF, and only IF some people reach elite belt, and the chances of that happening are almost next to nothing. People get god belt, and since they've already spent a shit ton of time (if they didnt buy qi) on this, they would've gotten older and have more things to worry about.

and also science, are you suggesting toribash be made into a grindfest for qi?
xbcz currently has 86018 qi and he's the highest qi player now (joined in 2008, been playing to get that much for more than 7 years).

We don't have any players who hit One Belt limit and you're proposing adding even more belts, that's useless.
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Im not joking about this post

sure you aren't
god belt above is useless anyway because custom belt exists
I'm just going to close this since nobody has anything novel to say.
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