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Audio/Sounds Squad
I want to implement a team for toribash that can help people create sounds, and also make music for in game. I've played around with many different programs and created music and I think this would be a good way to connect the music artist of Toribash to the community. They could submit music to us and other sounds for help. We can also audit people for having sounds that are inappropriate for toribash. This just seems like we could expand in this area as ive only found one song in toribash and I want to make a more immersive gameplay even for TBN.
There's no need to create a staff group for helping people make sounds. As for moderating sounds, people generally make reports if there is a sound clip that is against the rules. Then smods will usually handle it. Sound designers and musicians can just offer commissions if you want a custom sound made.
I feel that this is a great suggestion. Many of us don't have access to audio editing software (i.e. myself). and would love for there to be a team of people dedicated to making audio.

It would be kind of like the item forgers. They'd make sounds and new music for toribash, and could also take personal requests for sounds and music.
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My main idea is to connect people to the game that like to make music and I was also thinking of having hit sounds when your toribash gets hit in specific places, example you get hit in the head you have a specific hit noise cause I'm sure no one knows what each hit sounds is related too. Hit sounds 1-5 is very vague.
Going along with that, having a Sound/Music Squad would allow Toribash to have new OFFICIAL music say every month that goes along with the theme of the Shiai tokens.
I miss [Origin] | Oldy Of This Game|
Now the only hard part that I would find in this...is finding the staff.

They have to be trustworthy, reliable, and good at making music/audio
I miss [Origin] | Oldy Of This Game|
No and no.

There's no need for this.

Think this: If for some reason this get added, there should be added staff groups like "Art Squad", for the "Art/Textures" section on the market board.