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Audio/Sounds Squad
I want to implement a team for toribash that can help people create sounds, and also make music for in game. I've played around with many different programs and created music and I think this would be a good way to connect the music artist of Toribash to the community. They could submit music to us and other sounds for help. We can also audit people for having sounds that are inappropriate for toribash. This just seems like we could expand in this area as ive only found one song in toribash and I want to make a more immersive gameplay even for TBN.
Well, if there isn't a staff group needed for it, then at least have the music change to be seasonal ya'know?
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Toribash has one song for music and thats it. It needs an update for it and to keep playing. All games have some kind of music playing in the background to keep you immersed and when you play games without music it becomes less engaging. ie flash games with just basic noises lose interest a lot quicker. Its to keep the attention of the gamer and having new music playing constantly makes it engaging to play.
I think what you're suggesting is very interesting, but essentially useless. Creating music every month for new themes would be exhausting, tedious, and overall, not worth the effort. To create a staff group for that purpose would be a waste of staffs time and effort.

However, a group could be created outside of staff that could make music and sound design for the game whenever they feel like it. As such, this group and staff could work together to implement new sounds and music for any updates to the game. This way, there's no deadline, staff isn't directly involved which means anyone could create music that could be potentially used in new updates and any faults this new group makes don't fall on staff shoulders. I would make music and hit sounds if this idea went through, I don't have any problem with doing that for the community.

Tldr: staff group bad idea, could be cool for organization though.
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This is something that should/can be done outside of the staff realm.

This. Please consider making an organization instead.

Please get in touch with a member of the Clan Squad if you want guidance on how to about that.
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