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Everyones favorite black kid

Thats a bold claim
[18:33] <Ele_> man I wish I had a dick to suck for drugfs rn
I'll fart on your nipples and call you Sally.
Wanna see some ruffled feathers in Taekkyon

<Icky> Damn my mouth is on fire but my loins stir like the straits
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I'll fart on your nipples and call you Sally.

Ah, the good 'ol ulotrichousian treatment.
[18:33] <Ele_> man I wish I had a dick to suck for drugfs rn
If I didn't add "ian" it wouldn't have sounde correctian.
Heh, we're gonna be famous
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[18:33] <Ele_> man I wish I had a dick to suck for drugfs rn
Hi, my name is Marcus.
I'm 15 Year old boy who likes to play Toribash. I've been in 2 clans, Angel and Psycho, Angel was THE clan, i thought i was gonna be in it forever, but then inactivity took over, and the leader decided to shut it down. Psycho was one of those clans, where you get accepted, but the people don't really accept you. They made me leave, because of the inactivity, i felt leftout. It's a long time ago, but now i'm ready to apply for [Parrot].
My favorite mods is: Lenshu, Mushu, Wushu & Aikido. I like to do tricking too, though im not that good at it. I live in Denmark where we speak danish, wich is my primary language, the time is Gmt+1.

I've been wanting to join [Parrot] since the day i saw some of your clan's replays on youtube, when i watched the replays, that's what i thought, i wanna be able to do that. But i didn't feel quite ready to apply for [Parrot] so i decided to get a little more into the game, and become a black belt before taking the courage to apply. I've done all kinds of crazy things, and im ready to do it for this clan too.

I have experienced alot of different things through my life. Wierd things, like finding my grandma's dildo. Sad things, like coming home, and mom tell's me that dad isn't coming home. Funny things, like hosting a party a little bit like Project X, except my stepfather doesn't have a Mercedes. Therefore, i do have a different sense of humor.

I've been applying to alot of different clans the past few days, but after the apply, i regretted it, so i took some time and started looking for a clan that i really wanted to join and to be with, and i think this might be the one. After the things i've done for the past few days, i
understand if you don't think of me as a worthy member of parrot.

Thank you for considering my app.

It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it.

-Lou Holtz
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you seem like a nice guy, but Im not one

Id like to see you more ingame

also could you do a dance where both a cucumber and another item of food of your choice feature?
Don't dm me pictures of bowls that you find attractive.