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Blood stick and break body systems
You know that I've watch many stuff that hits the dummy so I found this great bright idea
1. if you hit a player will came out blood and it can stick to a player..
2. if you hit the head harder.. you can see the systems of the part
3. if we hit the body nearly the chest.. it can broke the rib and the muscle and the skeletal system part.
Someone's been playing a bit too much Mortal Kombat... _

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Uhhh, this is toribash, this isn't MK. Besides, toris don't have ribs really.
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It would be nice if we could have physical fluid blood that interacts with objects and toris, however it would simply be too intensive for your average Joe. And a pain to code as well, I would assume.
As i remember, it was in not suggest list which magically disappeared, but i still agree with blood.
I don't think it should be hard to code, cause there is a code for wii, just c/e and i think it will work.