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Gears (Suggestion)
Would't it be cool when there is gears in a physical game!?
I got a list of it and the cost and I dont quite want it but Its a suggestion.

1. Katana (10,000 TC)
2. Maces (8,000 TC)
3. Bo Staff (5,000 TC)


they must be expensive so the noobs cant pwn the pros. xD
(Reason of making this) This may help people to fight and also its hard to search the mod so I created this thread
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No. Weapons will never be added. That's why there are mods. Part of the Toribash glory is that technically, everyone is on a level playing field. There are no perks, upgrades, advantages. Just skill and knowledge, and sometimes luck. That's how it is and that's how it will stay.
1. Flames
2. This'll ruin the game because those are mods, you do NOT have to pay for.
3. People will just use the same thing. Like Tk,

*Player1 does The Erthquake*
*Player2 Just contracts pec*

4. They can farm by using the same cheap move, it'll be easier to find a bro willing to help you farm by you winning 100 times daily.
5. It'll ruin the point of the game, you can just repeatedly massacre a guy.
6. It'll look awfully awkward and heavy, what if you can't hold them right?
7. It'll ruin movement, such as running and tricking.
8. We don't want toribash's newcomers to be discouraged. I support them, and those items will just make them like jelly, easy to kill and so vunerable.
9. Items such as shields and lances can just be picked up and thrown in a spar.

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Nah, man. If those items were that expensive, the "pro" people could still buy it. I've seen some new players defeat the more experienced ones, maybe because they were naturally smarter, or just by luck. If this suggestion were implemented, it'd ruin the chance of smarter newcomers beating a pro because all he has to do is move his arm and it's over from there.

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omega has a point here it would really ruin the game for everyone
thats why they created mods

Did you just shorten what they said?
a spoon.
Whyyy noobs suppose to own the pros so they can get better and this is not sort of RPG game :l

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