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latin marketing subforums
Latins can have subforums like russians this will be great for us and more for the latins what dont speak english
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Latin's almost a dead language tho

Only if you're talking about old/Roman Latin; which the OP isn't.

Pretty funny that someone from the US has forgotten that large thing below them which has an area of it known as "Latin America"...

Mocking ignorance aside, there are 22 countries that use "Latin"; or to make things understandable for the less educated: Spanish.
We call it one thing, they call it another.

Education clearly isn't what it used to be. *ahem*

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Well well, I'l have you know I actually live in Samoa, ever since I changed to a new internet provider my flag has and country code has been American.
And of course I know about Latin America, if he said "Spanish marketing sub-forums" I would have known.
However, a Spanish sub-forum might be useful, but I think more people on this game speak Portuguese than Spanish so I doubt this will get implemented.
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I think a Portuguese subforum would be more useful, Russian + Portuguese make up most of the non-english talking population of toribash.