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Auto cancel when there are no counters?
Habits: "Well hi, today I bring to you a problem that should have been fixed a long time ago."
Habits: "Whats that Habits?"
Habits: "Oh just canceling bets when there are no counters so you don't have to rely on lazy operators!"
Habits: "Well how would that work?"
Habits: "You see, when bet frames are up (if there are no counters) the bets will auto cancel!"

You see, this happens to a lot of people, and instead of posting in scam reports and shit, I decided to attempt to get it fixed so no one else has to go through the trouble.

Wait, isn't your evidence false? Aren't you the server admin so if anything you could have canceled the bet?

Anywhoo...I had never had this happen to me before but to stop it from happening this isn't a bad idea. Nothing wrong with this.

@Hawkes, losing your money to nobody is different to losing it to another better. I would rather my TC go somewhere than into abyss.

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If you bet on the winner, then it does get auto-refunded.

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If you bet on horse #3 to win the horse race but no one else goes to the horse race, yet horse #5 wins then tough toddies, in gambling the struggle is real and the devs aren't going to change things to make betting 70/30 chance of winning

Ishi is about to verse johny in ABD, johny just got the game and doesn't even know what abd is. So anon bets 10 k on ishi, johny by some miracle chance won, poor ishi, his reputation is ruined. Anon just lost 10k, serves him right for being so kash happy
Not answering anybody in the thread cause it's almost an argument.
But this is pretty handy, almost all ops do it, bet bots do it, only ops that are afk dont do this. Seems like a little feature with more pros then cons for me. Supported
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