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Load and save sets
Imagine you have a decent amount of textured sets, instead of uploading the textures 1 by 1, allow some sort of mechanism so you can save your sets and change them with a simple click
I reckon he's talking about saving set, like have different sets and switch between them with a simple click
I'm pretty sure there's a script for it and I'd really like it to be official!
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I really like this idea it would save all the hassle of uploading them individually one at a time. That takes ages and no one likes that.
True that, the multiple texture upload section doesnt work for me and I have to change over 30 textures when I want a new look.

I'm gonna try to explain it better,

Add something where you can combine different images for each texture, save it.
After saving it you could have like an "item" which you'd basically click to upload all of the images to the specific textures.

Uploading them 1 by 1 kills so many time.
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just click here.
Upload your textures and just swap between whichever set you prefer
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There is also the possibility to create a more smart interface to upload sets and be able to have kind of a preview of how the texture looks like side of each others without having to pop in and out the game and /dl and /lp every time.
I made this in 5 minutes just to kinda give an idea of the concept:

Horrible presentation for a concept but it should give an idea of what I am talking about

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