Endurance Onslaught 4
ty sslight
i was just having fun with that rpl nothing special
working on 2 other rpls
and a collab
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Well i cba to make proper openers lol
at frame 530 i use the toribash known bug where you press e before the dm and it doesnt count as one to keep the wrist on because it kept breaking
cnc please
also got a namechange
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ooo YeeEEEEE

ok so generic opener meh i'm fine with generic shit, but the thing is what the fuck did you do to your pEcSSSSS, your right pec was a little twitchy and i didn't like it a single bit. Also try to make up your mind, your shoulder also twitched because you went from lowering it in one frame and then instantly raising it the next frame, bAd MooVEEEEE.
everything after that was neat, you executed and used the opener nicely and i like what you went with the opener, gooDddddd. I don't like what you did at 640 though. just nO, nAhhhhh.
the kick after that was keWllll, but what you did at 560 was the thing that highlights the replay in my opinion, i just love when players ghost through uke and use it to close up the distance between them and uke for eZ dEstRucTionZ SesSionZZZ. YAssssss
Dms were a little unappealing. Disappointed aFffff, you could've went for a boom on uke's bottom half but i can't do dms so MeHHHHHH.
skeet was siCkooo mOdEEEEE.

Could've been better bb <3
thanks toad
I said i cba to make the opener lol but sure

new replay
I actually could be bothered to make an opener this time
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Take A Chill Pill.rpl (552.4 KB, 22 views)
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nice opener it's pretty flowy, although around 415 your arms jerked around which I didn't care for much

split + pecs was cool, and it was flawless which was nice

decap lame af boo

movement after that was kinda awks, but I get its a setup anyways. Punch was ok, but I would prefer you triple core with the block rather than a rinky dink skeet.

not a fan of the stuff after that tho :o

still a solid replay though, gj
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Thank you MrJingles

New Replay made in a box mod
its -5 gravity and it only has some skeets
watch till the end

It was really hard to move smoothly while keeping the manip with that gravity
plus i really suck at manips

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dojoroom1000hi.tbm (2.2 KB, 7 views)
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