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I was going to c tony hawk tomoz, but non of meh freinds can go up wif me!!!!
>:O >:0 >:o D:<

Meh, i think tony hawk sux along with vert skateing altogether :P
street ftw! ^^
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Bah dum!

Let's do variations of that 4chan halo meme.

I think Toribash is a pretty cool guy, he kicks haeds and dosent afraid of anything.
This has got to be my most prolific posting day ever. Including this one, 16 posts in the last 13 hours. :o

So what if 3/8 of them were posted on Wibbles? >.>
Meh. I could get quite a few posts a day without usage of wibbles (plus post don't count in wibbles anymore). I'd comment on every replay thread in the first page, post anything in my clan forums, etc etc etc. I'm just not insecure about my post count. In fact, I'd rather my title be just 'Member' rather than 'Senior Member' or 'ub3r'.