I was gonna write a wall of text on nitpicked shit about everything but my dumbass accidentally refreshed the page so you're stuck with a more concise opinion.

Generally you've done good at improving your movement and flow, sticking moves together is also and nice addition that you've gotten better at, BUT

Your transition work between stuff is very very iffy at times and is just pure laziness and you know it, alot of stuttery and jittery "GET ME OUT OF THIS POSITION" movement that i'd love you to just try and focus on improving.

Also your run cycle in general seems a little faster than you're comfortable with since there's no real rythm to it which can make you look like a crackhead at times.

BUT IN GENERAL Lucci you've improved, and i'm glad to see it, keep at it and spar me more you fuckin idiot
Jun 2, 2023 - .best. day. ever.