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I worked at a Italian based place where closing was better imo. You'd get hit with the Dinner Rush which was chaos for the most part, I'll make a Pros and Cons in spoilers for the positions I held while I was there:



Oh and just in case any1 was going to ask:

2 Dishwashers on Dinner shift, 1 for Lunch
3/4 Bussers for Dinner shift(4 only on Fridays and Saturdays), 1/2 for Lunch depending on the day
5-7 Servers for Dinner shift(Server Manager was a twat and didn't know how to schedule), 2-3 for Lunch
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back when i was working I preferred opening shifts. Closing shifts typically did all the mundane work so it was pretty laid back and chill. Not as many people coming in early morning, and if they are they're typically nicer. Plus, you could leave when stuff really started hitting the fan around 1pmish. Fun tims.
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It really depends on the job and person tbh. For me i really want to get things out of the way as early as possible so i have the rest of the day only for me and no worries about something else. In some places night shifts are okay, but again for me i like to sleep in the night or idk spend my time with my friends outside or on discord/ts speaking about random shit or playing something to relax.
Overnights are the best

But at my old job I quite controversially enjoyed 4am-2pm opens idk why they were just great
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