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Double Barreled Shotgun Mod
Hello everyone!
I present to you this Shotgun mod created as a result of my boredom.
A shotgun is for one player only and has two shells fired at the same time.
Feel free to improve this gun or draw inspiration from it. ;)

Ingame pictures (click on picture)

Mod is also on the toribash mod list (Shotgunjutsu.tbm)

This is my first mod btw
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Oh, bro, thanks for sharing this!
I'm your fan so I'm doubly happy.

This mod is a bit underdeveloped and at times the shotgun is a little bit bugged.
I think I will try to do the next one and work a little bit over physics so that the player can be able to move with the weapon.
Hey man I just wanted to say that I think this is very cool! awesome mod dude

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