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[MP][WIP] Pouffywall's Mods
Hey! This thread is for anything new or interesting I come up with.

Any sorts of comments are greatly appreciated.

Downloads will always be under the spoilers, linked next to "Current version is:"

Acroshu (wip)

Twinkido (wip)

Nagamaki (final)

Showdown (early wip)


PM me about mod ideas or suggestions unrelated to posted mods.

under renovation
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just came here to say: you're a genius.

small note: did you make everything ungrabable except ceiling? if so i love u
Your messed up world enthrills me
Interesting. The lattice allows for some unpredictable movements. One thing you may wanna try is to enable grab but make everything ungrabbable (flag 16 on everything). That way you can make grabby hands longer and wider; more useful for utilizing the lattice.
Actually, I did do that, all of that - but in a different version. I think a WIP is still in the database. I'll go look for it in a second and edit my post.

Kane and I played a grab version earlier and grabbing made matches very very messy (in the sense that you could hang on the lattice forever). I guess it just looked ugly. I ended up liking no grab a lot better, however there was the issue of it being hard to use. To compensate, I put the friction on the lattice on steroids and now you can hang on it relatively easily with no grab.

I did make the invisible ceiling ungrabbable in the earlier version though, and lowered friction and bounce on the ceiling in the current version.

EDIT - The grab version in the database is poufshu08.tbm

I may or may not have individually placed every single bar for the lattice individually in that version, so there's 100+ objects and it probably lags a bit. I guess I can remake the grab version based off of the newest. I'll upload that later.

re:EDIT - Oh, while I'm here I'll add a WIP of a different mod I'm working on.

Current version is: psoccerwip06.tbm

I didn't know of any legit soccer mods, so I decided I'd make one myself.

This mod (version) currently includes:

- Win triggers on goals and hands. Points, dms, dq, frac removed.
- Balance mod (of my own design, with inspiration from MTBalance.tbm) allowing for easier standing/running movements (so you can actually play the darn thing lmao)
- Small edits to joints, such as:
* Edits to ankles allowing for quick adjustments (which can often be the difference between a good kick and a failed one getting caught on the ground)
* Glutes moving on two axis. It can be pretty hard to turn quickly, so I played around with some ideas and this one works okay.
* Super experimental changes to the hips. Timing for running is off in higher turnframes, so I tried making the hips move more slowly to adapt to those higher tf.
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Haha, I'm hardly a genius... buuuut I'll take it. Thanks~

I'll do my best lmao, but no promises.

Remade a grab version for acroshu, enjoy!
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alright will check the no grab. i already wanted to suggest you making a the lattice with high friction, but you did it. might not need grab at all. althoug the grab was fun

cool soccer mod keep them coming
Your messed up world enthrills me
Hey, so something a bit different this time. I've been playing around with body mods and optimizing the tori for particular metas (striking, kicking, etc.). To this end, I've messed with densities, point distributions, individual dismemberment thresholds for specific joints (i.e. 500 for the wrists and 345 for the abs) and some selective ranges.

I'm still trying to figure out how exactly I should fine tune this to make it work better, but I figure it'd be best to release some WIPs so I can get feedback.

Shoutouts to both Odlov for inspiring me to start messing with densities, ranges, etc. and to Scourge for helping me out with testing and giving me pointers on how to tune the kicking mod.

Just a few things about both:



I figured attempting a grappling mod would be useless, since Odlov's grappling mods are bloody fucking brilliant.
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