Right in the middle ^

The images I have up are from earlier WIPS, I only added the two parts of the wall in later versions.
Soooo new wip (after a really long time)



Duke it out with slightly oversized nagamaki swords

Grab first turn or you'll insta-lose (and don't let go, either!)

If you stab/cut your opponent (or yourself) in their (or your) vitals, they insta-lose. i.e. anything on the torso. Abs - Pecs + head. Limbs don't instadq you, but they do give your opponent points

This is a wip, so if you have any feedback it'd be much appreciated!!
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Very nice!

I think you could possibly improve mobility if instead of attached rectangular handles you made detached spherical handles and placed them squarely in front of the wrist, like in my messer_6. The pivoting joints would go onto these handles instead of the shaft. I would try to make it so grabby hands just barely touch the shaft and aren't pushing it away.

Also I think you might get more mobility if you re-aligned the weapon so that it is perpendicular to the forearms, i.e in the way of the wrist axis.

Great job though
@Acroshu-TPL for lenshu players, i fucking love it i want to host a tourney in it :O
Listen :: probably a reward/knowledge code:
 You should probably listen ;3 friend. "Soon" 
Odlov: I tried the different handles and it feels like it's done wonders for mobility, thanks!


further nearing completion, I may still alter the starting pose and tune some of the various bodymods to make standing easier (although it's already quite easy)

longform changelog

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

odlov basically summed up the entire mod in this one replay, god bless
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oh hush you, you'll make me blush

EDIT: reupdated, 007 instead of 005_c


the biggest new features are that weapons dq now, there's dq inside the dojo, and that when you're dq'ed, you will turn either pink or purple (depending on whether you're tori or uke respectively)

longform changelog

as always, if you find any bugs let me know... i did this update mostly in notepad so there's a really good chance i screwed some stuff up
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Perhaps use a different color for the pink as it seems fairly close to bruise when someone has textures, maybe a bright green?
I can definitely look at changing the color. I'm looking to release two more wips tops before i release the final though, so I'll fix a lot more misc stuff and wait to see if people spot any problems before i release another one
I remember when I'd just fuck with you in lenshu3ng lobbies and you'd kick my ass.
You've grown into a big boy now.
Also, good WIP for nagamaki.
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