Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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(Ke) Ketsueki
Hello, you best prepare what you're going to see because you will have to do a lot of writing. ;)
Also, if you have any trouble or you rather tryout in-game. *PM ONE OF US*

What To Do

Members will be voting on the application if it's good or not, if you have a problem with votes then send a reply with a reason. Now..

How Votes Work

We are a new clan, so we have a lot to show if you join early. Good luck my friends :)
Also, there is an example down here to make your application look good. Please be mature typing this or death. (jk you'll be denied if you type this application down carelessly.)



Trying Out Instead

Thank you for reading, now please don't mess this up. We are also here for motivation :)
"Don't count the days, make the days count" ~ Muhammid Ali
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