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Readed it a couple of times and not figured out why they did it. Reasons a bit uncommon and complicated. If i know right, the rules are based on Terms of Service. Link - https://www.toribash.com/tos.php

By the way:

Sale or trade of ingame items and/or currency (Toricredits) for other items or Toricredits is permitted and supported. However, account sales or trades are not allowed or recognized by Nabi Studios. This is effectively giving out your password. If you find that you have been scammed during an account sale, the staff will not help you out or refund you.

All virtual currency and items are the property of Nabi Studios Pte Ltd. Nabi Studios reserve the right to remove, edit, move, or close any thread for any reason, without any obligation to notify you. Nabi Studios owns all items and reserves the right to remove them from your account at any time for any reason. They also may ban and modify accounts for any reason, without any obligation to inform you in advanced or afterwards.
- End of quote

So... Terms of Service acting as an underpin for everything.
Community Rules built upon that, if i understand things in the right way. (But we all know the ugly reality)

Actually i don't know why everyone with some sort of "power" trying to grab a banhammer when they just can remove TC. Like "freeze" the transactions ability and investigate everything, for real. Dumb decisions - dumb results. Now we have a goddamn public discussion about that accident.

Nobody really cares, it's much easier to kill an account and wipe out your existence here with a permanent ban. Yeah. You did a goddamn crime against whole community especially me, i am so offended and harrased by your activities, Diamond, i gotta kill myself soon, that's your fault when you sold some TC's you honestly earned.

Everything is simple - you crossed the wrong road, pal. Now enjoy and have fun via fuckery with staff unit. Also, those "crimes" in past (let's consider you did a crime against all humanity by selling virtual currency, which you earned) - not playing good for you.

Also, i know only a few people who actually working in Nabi and have some sort of REAL POWER here. As an example - Sir. (For Russian community it's closest example)

(Btw, i never readed community rules, only TOS, when i first launched the game, so i don't care. They only making some real sense for guys which usually want to abuse their permissions and possibilities.)
A small and obviously useless update:
that's no concrete rules in TOS about "how you should sell items and currency, and how you can exchange them"

And actually i don't know who the hell even can try to stop you or other users to waist their money, and who have a real right to stop these things
(If you really sold something in past)

If i know right, it's some sort of basic barter, which isn't illegal, i did an art for 30-40 bucks a month ago, without any forum posts and etc, so nobody even know about that, economy of Toribash isn't ruined after that

Maybe those guys want some sort of cut, who knows, lol (just kidding)

real gangsta shit going on in Toribash these days
everything connected with money is so overrated, ffs
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how about instead of huge lines of not needed text, we just unban the lass and leave it alone.
Hi yall, I wanted to appologize for my lack of attention I've given this thread and diamond's situation in general. Diamond has recently been unbanned.

As for the ideas in this thread, I would love to catch up and read them, but I highly encourage those who have ideas specifically tailored to the tc selling system to go over to the suggestions board or this thread and post your ideas there. I would love to work with the community to better write these rules and possibly change the system where change is needed.

EDIT: Forgot to add this, but Market Squad should be getting greylist perms ASAP, so in the future we will be sure to simply add any suspicious accounts to the greylist and work from there. This is not to say that we won't ban accounts if need be in order to protect the user's account from possible hacking.
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