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[R] 50K_Simple_Set
Hello, I'm looking for a set, that's more or less simple.

Something that suits the theme, Frost giant.
Pure, aqua, pharos primary colors. I'll pay 5k extra to whoever can give me an additional demon version of the set.

Take reference from my avatar, be creative. I'm going to pay 50k, depending on what I think of the set, first impressions etc.

It doesn't have to be TOOOO detailed but yes, I look for major details on the head. And some creativity on the body. Such as claws for the hand and feet.
Please don't put fangs on the head :C

There's has to "Cake" somewhere around the biceps or things and legs.

Body 512x512
Joints (optional) 128x128 preferred 512x512

Shoot WIPS :C
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I like it only if it fot my head a bit more. Tje eyes are pointed outwards like I'm a fucking reptile or something. More details on the heads as I mentioned.
Sorry, I'm on winter holiday and have not been in my house for a while. I've just got here and made a few changes, added ears, shades and a bit of 3D to the face on the eyes. You won't be able to see it clear because of my texture, it is the cheapest one, so If you are playing toribash just lp and dl me (my name is pretty easy)