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I demand more

But the real eye candy would reside in the speed, this would look amazing with it
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yes More will come ^^
and yes I agree. I have fun watching it on speed 2.00x. ive seen
lot of replays of others tht undergo same speed issue. So
due to the games gravity accelaration and body strength/speed, this
is the proportion of movement speed i prefer to accomplish.
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This is pretty cool. The concepts of the tricks are pretty cool, but that aerial twist didn't look too good. I'd say that you are still a bit too stiff though, try at least relaxing some of your joints in mid air. This is good shit.
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Thnx for liking these. And its a shame that my gameplay really will never look like others
who prefer losen joints here and there. But then again so be it ^^ always had played it all my way. really fun though. Every single detail
you see - momentum, holds contractions, extentions, relax etc - have been thoroughly thought of. Wich resulted
my tori to move on the right directions with the right velocity and airtime. these i found required for the
whole picture. Just the way I like it based on my reference.
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