ToriCombat League
#love enporiu:
extremely cool opener
hits are nice
good speed throughout the replay
cool boom
second kick doesn't dm
last hit doesn't look really powerful
no pose
flow diminishes after first kick
Things you should do:
you certainly doesn't have any problems with your movement, but your hits are a bit sloppy IMO, maybe you should spend more time for each hit so that it would look good, also, sustain your flow, you can achieve this by keeping your spins and keep it in the same direction, but it's okay if you want more destruction.
I liked everything a lot up until you got the boom with the back kick, after that you sort of just stopped there. Try to stay consistent with your movement. Overall is really cool though, like it.
<tunadao> And if the potato get old it will be better,because noones can eat a old potato it turns into legendary potato
essa manip foi curta demais..
e acho que esse primeiro chute dava pra fazer 3 dms
no ultimo chute também.

fora isso fico maneiro
discord: victortb#9592