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EDIT: Gargon called me out on my hypocrisy so I edited it
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[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
Check my ~~~Dank Replays~~~
The Irony replay
Nice replay, good flow, loved your opener, I love all your openers.
Now when you get to the decap, thats where the irony comes in.
Last TB cnc vid: "IMO if the decap is the only thing you are doing, you should just make it only the decap, because, by adding the pec it just sorta makes the DMs assymetrical."
But its a nice replay.
The starter was nice, the first kick was.. meh, not really good, but it wasn't bad, the knee dm was nice, punch was pretty cool, the next kick was really nice too, and the boom was awesome (well, maybe i just like booms too much) and the pose was okay.

pretty fast and destructive replay, loved it. (btw it was almost flawless)
[23:20:46] Negrito: Im practically chris brown
[23:20:54] Ale455: without the chris
X was literally made in less than 15 minutes because it was for a competition.

There Is No There is a more serious effort
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[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
Check my ~~~Dank Replays~~~
k then

thx for the edit: There we go. all my cnc stays, but the decap was sexey. gj
Rain: awesome. It was fast, had good hits, just maybe you could have gotten a gouble hip/glute on that punch. neat boooms
Some "no" bs: fuck man, manly tear of joy just appeard. that was simply beautiful.
X: The fact that you have been limited with 15 minutes shows. didnt like the first grab dm, the hook after it was alright. Second DM was meh, altough the hook was cool. pose was a larfen pose.
opener wasn't anything special, it was far too slow to be interesting
the lift on uke along with the launch was nice though
and that spin decap thing was really nice

very simple replay, not much to comment about
would like to see some more interesting armwork, they seemed very relaxed in the opener and then the elbows were held for a long while
I pooped something out to keep my tori-juices flowing
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Class SD - DareISay.rpl (302.7 KB, 85 views)
[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
Check my ~~~Dank Replays~~~
holy fuck larfen, that was amazing. everything flowed perfectly with each other with every hit. only part i don't really like is when your foot hit uke, but there isn't much you could do about that, still a great replay