i like the way you move around and stuff youre like a wriggly snake with arms. and legs.
wow that
Like the way I said in irc, the spins looked really nice with your style and it was just how well you executed those spins that made the replay amaze imo.
pro replay overall
i like the opener especially. not like anything you usually do but you made it work
oh yeah
It's awesome how systematic your dismemberments looked like. You really are a pr0 replaymaker
Heart of Gold
that mad man was so awesome i liked how you started with a knee dm to kinda bend uke over
Oldschooler | Evolution
movement was sexy af
almost flawless, gg
everything was just cool, fucking seks.

now bring back ur cat pls
One thing I like, is the decap, very nice, very fast
One thing I don't like it this grab, because: you should have waited until the last minute to grab him so it doesn't look like you have a grabbed hand out in the open for several frames also the way that the body is really violently shook after being grabbed looks sloppy, other that than a weird opener but all around good
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