Market Squad Recruitment Drive
dms didn't really look all that powerful, but there were a lot of them so I guess it counts for something =D

pose was shite =DD
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wait how did that decap and should dm happen??

not that it matters too much, (other than it defies logic).

the boom great

for some reason i like the lunge kick knee dm a lot dunno why.

cool replay
tsu tsu cuckoo
What jingles said.

Hits looked weak. But they did the job, a really good job.

Like it alot, Always loved your style,

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Spiritual State
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[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
Check my ~~~Dank Replays~~~
Is this for the Opener Challenge?
Btw Replay is great, smooth and great flow
just the way i like it
I dont even Signature okay
In my opinion the beginning was useless, floaty and pretty long. The manip was ookay, did the job. The knee punch and then boom was classic larfen. Amazing flow, incredible movement but not much interesting.

Also I vote donuts
why can't i get away from this shitty game
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[12:00] <fudgiebalz> toribash SUCKS
Check my ~~~Dank Replays~~~