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Stop randomly changing prices of items PLS
It rlly bothers me that whoever is in charge of priceing does a shitty job.
Sometimes items dont have a price and the suddently they are 5k on shop.
Sometimes items like jiyu dreads were 60k then they get to be like 15k in shop.
Exclussibe event items get put in shop sometimes. Not cool.
Pls stop doing this kind of bullshit and just set a price that sticks with the item forever!
I dislike this randomness in priceing. Just make up you mind and roll with it. Do discounts but don't change prices like that.

Its not fair for buyers or for sellers.
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I had to work for my 128 head, these kids don't know how easy they got it. In all seriousness, probably not a good idea to be retroactively lowering prices. Though that example in particular wasn't too bad.
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I totally agree.
Back in the days when I was a marketer I lost around 1kk in value.

Items should have fixed shop prices and have their actual value to be influenced by the market. However I agree to the idea of restocks, although we should know if an item has a fixed stock or not.
Bumping this, Insanity truly has a point regarding supply-side economics in the market. Saturating it with rare items ruins the point of limited edition stuff in tournaments and seasons.
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Bumping as well. I have had my own quarrels with team I was apart of. Things like this deserve to be changed regardless of anything you can come up with against it. A static pricing system would be the least difficult suggestion to implement, especially since users really want it.

What is supposed to be limited edition? I seeit;savailable on shop for tc and shiai it no longer a limited edition?
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The market is now dead. What used to be a 50/50 ratio of selling and buying threads is now more like 90/10. Whoever is in charge of the market really outdid themselves here. Not only did they ruin the market, they also failed to address one of the biggest ongoing community concerns. We can only speculate why, but I assume admitting that you're doing something wrong would mean you would have to get off your high horse for a moment.
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It's been almost 4 months and there's been zero response to this from any people in the know. Even if you disagree, voice your disagreement (along with reasons why). Don't just stay silent.

Not good enough. Engage with your community.
In addition to that, use of dev tags (Elevated/Implemented/Will not be implemented) have been entirely discontinued since June. We implemented the tag system for a reason (transparency) - Use it. Show us we're being listened to.
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Still nothing? Most recently I just noticed Sharko the Shark, an old rare item is now available for 50k tc, so it reminded me of this thread. Still very relevant issue so I'm just gonna bump
I agree. I feel like atleast there should be a committee of well established marketeers to vote on a price that would be good for the item
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