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Spooky Fight Club

Hello and welcome to a Halloween styled knockout tournament brought to you by the Event Squad!

The objective here is quite easy, you just have to beat your opponents down mercilessly and make sure that every Halloween they think about how much you destroyed their pride. There is only space for 64 players, bracket will be announced when started.

To sign up you have to say your name and GMT
Example: Ancient, GMT 0


The rules are simple:
1. Only one account per person may be entered.
2. If a player pings or disconnects after the first turn it is counted as a loss.
3. If your opponent is evading the match or fails to show up at agreed time, make sure you report it either in this thread or contact me: rose#8430 on discord.
4. Replays or screenshots of the matches need to be sent to be confirmed.
5. If a pair is unable to finish the match within the given time, both players will be disqualified.
6. Have fun no homo.

Each match-up will be a first to 5 (best of 9) in aikidobigdojo.tbm, boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm and lenshu3ng.tbm. every first game will be played in aikidobigdojo.tbm and the loser of the game decides which mod they play next, and the next loser decides again and so on.

1st place: 10 ST, Corrupt Scythe and 150,000 TC
2nd place: 5 ST, Wizard Hat and 100,000 TC
3rd place: 3 ST, Witch Hat and 50,000 TC

And also, everyone who makes it to the quarter-finals will be receiving a very cool Spooky Spider item.

List of players - 64

Deadline for the 4th round is the 1st of December at 4:00PM GMT 0
If you won round 4 before deadline you can begin round 5(or final).
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