Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
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whatta hell._. sp openers, guides how to decap step by step i dont like this idea
IMO every1 has to envent his own moves,style and etc.
there is no difference between making replay step by step and changing bout name in notepad .i think so._.

u say they can learn? u cant learn by copying someones moves._. IMHO

yes u can lern from it i can show you:
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Chop them at the knees
stay relaxed
extend both ankles
contract both knees
extend both hips
space 3x
extend knees
then do what you want
Decap kick
Contract left pec
Extend Right pec
Right Rotate chest
Right Rotate Lumbar
Contract Abs
Extend Left Glute
Contract Right Hip
Extend Left Hip
Contract left Knee
Extend right Knee
Extend Left ankle
Contract right ankle
Space 2x(space 20 frames)
Left Rotate chest
Space 2X(space 20 frames)
Contract left hip
Space 1X(space 10 frames)
Extend Left Knee
Press P or just make a landing
Teh clap

hold all
contracting right pec
contracting left pec



Replay below
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Teh clap.rpl (5.6 KB, 18 views)
My favorite...

Engage distance=200
Hold all
Extend left glute
Extend left pecs
Contract right pecs
Raise right shoulder
Relax right knee
Extend right hip
Left rotate chest
Extend right ankle
Run 30 frames
Contract right hip
Run 20 frames
Extend right glute
Contract right knee
Shift space 4 times
Extend right knee.


Engage distance, Still 200
Relax all
Raise both shoulders
Extend both hips
Contract both knees
Extend both ankles
Run 60 frames
Extend both knees.

Body breaker...

Engage distance=170

Hold all
Extend both hips
Contract both ankles
Extend both ankles
Run 50 frames
Contract both pecs
Raise both shoulders
Run 50 frames
Extend abs
Extend both knees
Contract both ankles

Leyz Starter

contract left elbow
contract left wrist
right rotate chest
relax left hip
extend left glute
contract right hiprelax right knee
contract left knee
extend left ankle
The Rest is Up To You
damn im gettin old