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How to be good at Toribash
I just started Toribash a couple of days ago and it's great. The only problem i have is I suck at it! How do you do go good like veteran players such as Hampa,Bes, Moiser and much more. I want to know how to do replays such as jumping and decaping uke or moves where you just tear uke to shreds. I also want some tips on how to do good on mods such as Wushu or Aikido. So please help me we this, thank you!
So the best way is to look some "move" tutorials on youtube.. or here in the forum and just keep trying own moves.. uŽll see after a few weeks your gonna be better.. and also play online vs. other noobs
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Practice in single player, a lot. Even before you play in multiplayer. Learn to maneuver your tori on your own, before you go around kickin' heads. Try to move your tori as if it were you in real life. If you're playing in single player on the default mod, change the engage distance to around 250 or 300 to give yourself some space. And just try everyday to move better. Look at some replays in the replay section and study their replays, you'll most likely figure out movement eventually.

Dismembering Smoothly
After figuring out movement, you'll need to get the hang of kicking and punching uke. To do so, try to move realistically and quickly. To dismember uke, you'll need at least 30.00 speed. To view your speed type in /sm 1.

When punching, contract your elbow, and swing that hand away from uke, while keeping your feet in some kind of stationary position. Preferably try to keep the foot, opposite to your hand, in the front, and the other foot in the back. Then proceed to bring back your front foot, and push the other foot forward while keeping them on the ground. With your hands and body, swing the opposite way you started, and contract that pec, and hold the contracted elbow. Doing the opposite with the other hand for now. Space until your punch is a little centered with uke. Not completely in the middle, otherwise your punch will miss, or not be as powerful.

Here's a replay with a pretty basic, smooth-ish punch.
Basic Punch

Notice: I dip low in this replay, rise up and line up with uke, then finishing by snapping my joints to create a punch. Also, try to relax your whole arm on a punch, or at least the wrist and elbow, right before you touch uke. It makes it much easier to punch.

Hope this helped!
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You simply don't get that good in a couple of days. Mosier, bes and Hampa have been playing for years. Remember to practise and you'll good in a few months maybe :3

Take a look at Illuminaughty's post...
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Use as many joints as possible to your advantage. If you're swinging you arm, use your legs. If you're kicking, use your torso.
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Something I've learned is that alot of times you want to use opposite forces to drive your punches/kicks. For instance, if you punch, you'll want to use the bottom part of your body to build force. By using the opposite side of your body to drive your attacks, you can often do more damage.When doing kicks it's always nice to move your opponents body into your attack. If you doing a side kick, use grabby hands to pull your opponent into the kick. In judo, if done right, you may find yourself ripping your opponents in half. Here's a kick I developed during my early days in Toribash. Try to perfect it, see what you can make out of it:

Hold all.
Left rotate chest.
Left bend lumbar.
Contract right pecs.
Extend right hip.
Contract left hip.
Extend both glutes.
Grabby right hand.

With kicks like this it's always nice to use abs and ankles to your advantage. Using your chest and lumbar is essential to performing a noteworthy kick. Your lumbar and abs are great for directing your kick. Contract and extending knees are good practices. By extending your knee, you make sure you give all you can to your opponents lumbar. By contracting your knee you can often block your opponents kick. Contracting your knee can also give you a strategic advantage, like being able to launch yourself or have a pending attack ready. Another thing to note about legs is that you can detach limbs from your opponent by closing your knee over that body part. This is risky, however, because if you mess up you will force your own leg off. Contracting your knee is certainly odd business, and I usually don't do it unless I know I should. Maybe this can help you?
what i do for practice is just mess around with joints and see how each one changes the movement of your character

triggeredz nice kick
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Very nice, another good variation is to do it but extend your right ankle. Sometimes extending or contracting your abs. The move is actually best used in Judo, but it works in mod like Akido or even Wushu if done right Here is an example of the ankle variation in Judo.

I can give you some moves personally if you want, do you have an Xfire?
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