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So the best way is to look some "move" tutorials on youtube.. or here in the forum and just keep trying own moves.. uŽll see after a few weeks your gonna be better.. and also play online vs. other noobs

checking on move tutorials is the worst idea ever, unless you want to stay scrub without actually learning anything.

best way to learn how to play is to play with players around 10 dan +
everything else is just waste of time
Don't listen to people that are telling you to focus on video, videos are the worst idea. I practiced by playing game modes against other players online. I got gradually better and now I'm ranked 700. This was on my second account Kidink, I started playing in 2011 and I'd like to call myself good because of the practice you can gain from playing, and not just training.
Try to focus on what part of the body is the most powerful. (If you choose a weak part try to make it strong with a maneuver). if you want to kick, use your chest, pecs to make it faster. Also use your lumbar and abs to aim where you will hit. Keep practicing, and bit by bit the way of ToriBash will become clear.
Always try to stay on your feet and stay balanced. Nothings worse than standing on one foot.
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ignore people that try to tell you to become extremely good off of a video or something
they caqn give you good pointers, but the best way is practice. Twisting your chest enought times(in a simple snapkick) can help you learn momentum, and flow. I started making replays almost as soon as I joined and now im ok, (not even ormo level doe :c)
But with enough practice im pretty sure I will. anybody else can too.
Have a great day, thanks for looking at this post I guess.
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checking on move tutorials is the worst idea ever, unless you want to stay scrub without actually learning anything.

Why are people so against move tutorials? Of course you can learn how to play by doing them if you are actively looking what you are doing. Especially as a beginner when you don't know which joints don't work together well and you realise you do similar combinations for all kinds of moves.
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